Helping Nonprofits and NGOs Maximize Funds

With our vast experience collaborating with nonprofit organizations both in the United States and around the world, we recognize the challenges you face due to limited financial resources and IT expertise. That’s why we recommend Lowcono as the perfect solution for optimizing your data management and online database applications. Its user-friendly interface and adaptable features make it an ideal platform for streamlining processes, collecting data, distributing information, managing volunteers, and much more.

Digital Transformation Challenges for Non-profit Organizations

  • Lack of technical expertise among in-house staff
  • Difficulty in becoming more digital and tech-enabled
  • Integration issues with various software and systems
  • Difficulty in managing and analyzing large amounts of data
  • Limited budget and resources for technology investments
  • Difficulty in keeping up with rapidly changing technology trends and advancements

Tech For Good Partnership

San Diego Workforce Partnership, San Diego Tech Hub, and Lowcono are creating a training program called Tech for Good to provide hands on training for a group of candidates to teach them the fundamentals of low-code technology. Trainees will build an actual business application for a non-profit client and will learn while building a real-life application.

A Few Business Process Automation Examples

Low-Code Solutions That Transform Your Business

Using pre-built modules, features, and functions we build business-critical applications and automate business processes much faster and at a lower cost.

Low-code application development can integrate any number of business applications and provide a successful end-to-end digital transformation with the assistance of your employees who have no technology background. These employees will also be able to maintain the new application instead of hiring expensive technology experts.

Single-Platform Solutions integrate systems of whole organizations allowing all departments to use the same default interface that each department can customize to access the same database companywide.

Build your own Applications Without Software Developers

You can develop your own applications without relying on software developers. Lowcono allows your team to quickly make agile, data-driven decisions in crucial operational and financial areas. By utilizing Lowcono, you can construct administrative dashboards and online database applications that enhance efficiency throughout the entire ecosystem without requiring coding expertise.

Reduce Your Legacy IT Debt

Legacy environments are costly to maintain and operate. With Lowcono, you can cost-effectively integrate or re-platform legacy systems using low-code development. Plus, you can consolidate multiple core systems and data sources into a single, 360-degree view, improving data transparency and response times.

Start Innovating Today

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