Digital Transformation Challenges for Non-profit Organizations

  • Lack of technical expertise among in-house staff
  • Difficulty in becoming more digital and tech-enabled
  • Integration issues with various software and systems
  • Difficulty in managing and analyzing large amounts of data
  • Limited budget and resources for technology investments
  • Difficulty in keeping up with rapidly changing technology trends and advancements

Development Partnership

San Diego Workforce Partnership, San Diego Tech Hub, and Lowcono are creating a training program called Tech for Good to provide hands on training for a group of candidates to teach them the fundamentals of low-code technology. Trainees will build an actual business application for a non-profit client and will learn while building a real-life application.

Non-Profit Client

We are looking for a non-profit business entity that is in need of a technology solution that automates business processes, which are cumbersome, error-prone, time-consuming and currently performed manually.

Benefits for Non-Profits

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