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Lowcono is a business application development solution provider utilizing the platform of Mendix, a global leader in low-code business application development. We leverage Mendix’s cutting-edge technology to offer superior speed and quality in development and streamlined delivery of services, setting the benchmark in business process automation and system integration services.

Recognizing the challenges companies face, we advocate for a more straightforward, more efficient method to craft potent business applications, addressing day-to-day operations and intricate issues. Drawing from Mendix’s vast capabilities, we present an array of ready-to-deploy solutions. Our platform’s inherent flexibility empowers even non-programmers to design, implement, and oversee their custom applications.

Simplicity is at the heart of our development. We provide an intuitive user experience and an easy-to-use low-code environment bolstered by a robust, managed cloud infrastructure. Solutions provided through our collaboration with Mendix minimize the need for extensive support from client staff during and after the delivery of the applications we build.

Experience the power of a platform that embodies enterprise-standard reliability, flexibility, scalability, and security. With Mendix’s unmatched prowess, transformative business applications come to life quicker than traditional development avenues ever permitted. Design your applications using visual flowcharts and diagrams, harness drag-and-drop functionalities, and let our platform handle the complexities. Implementing apps developed under the Lowcono-Mendix partnership ensures smooth transitions without disrupting existing business operations. This seamless, visualization-driven approach bridges the gap between business and IT, providing comprehensive security without fostering ‘shadow IT,’ thus granting complete oversight to corporate IT departments.

For those seeking unparalleled expertise in business application development, system integration services, business process automation, low-code solutions, and Mendix know-how, look no further than Lowcono.

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