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21 Nov, 2023

Navigating the Complexities of Software Decisions


By Attila Ambrus, COO of Lowcono Inc.

In today’s digital landscape, organizations are constantly faced with a critical decision: should they purchase commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software or invest in building custom software tailored to their specific needs? While the choice might seem straightforward, with COTS software often appearing as the quick and cost-effective solution, a closer look reveals that this route may come with hidden costs and limitations that merit serious consideration. 

The Hidden Costs of COTS Software

COTS software, at first glance, promises a world of convenience—quick deployment, lower initial costs, and the promise of reliability. However, beneath this veneer of efficiency lie several hidden expenses and constraints that can

Navigating the Complexities of Software Decisions2023-11-21T17:55:18+00:00
12 Jul, 2023

Empowering Supply Chain Resilience: The Role of Low-Code Development in Modern Manufacturing


By Attila Ambrus, COO of Lowcono Inc.

Discover how low-code development is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, helping businesses enhance supply chain resilience, streamline processes, and reduce costs. Explore real-world use cases and the benefits of leveraging low-code platforms for increased efficiency and collaboration.

According to a survey published by Supply Chain Dive almost 90% of companies are experiencing significant cost increases due to supply constraints, with more than 60% predicting this trend to continue into the fourth quarter of 2023.

In today’s challenging business landscape, companies are grappling with significant cost increases and supply constraints that threaten their operations. To overcome these hurdles and bolster supply chain resilience, businesses need to shift their focus from efficiency to modernization. Low-code development has transformative power in manufacturing as it streamlines processes, enhances collaboration,

Empowering Supply Chain Resilience: The Role of Low-Code Development in Modern Manufacturing2023-07-12T14:45:40+00:00
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