Allowing Colleges to Excel at Digital Transformation

With Lowcono you can support your end-to-end digital transformation needs to deliver the technology students want and the information systems your institution needs without costly hiring or outsourcing. Provide a compelling student user experience while maintaining your legacy systems, beat the competition to attract and retain students and offer the latest content delivery methods on any platform.

Build Compelling Digital Experiences for Recruitment, Enrollment, and Engagement

Deliver exceptional educational experiences that include moving from desktop to mobile seamlessly so students are excited about signing up for and completing their studies. With the Lowcono low-code development platform, your higher education organization can avoid low enrollment and reduce dropout rates by offering compelling recruitment, enrollment, and course apps for all platforms. Build the core of an app once and customize it for each device experience in hours.

You’ll see a dramatic reduction in development time while maximizing the use of your current IT resources.

Improve Data Analytics and Increase Agility

Increase efficiency and ditch those costly spreadsheets, paper forms, and point solutions by transforming your enrollment, student lead, instructor agreement, payment tracking, course evaluation, and other operational processes. With the Lowcono platform, your higher education organization can improve data analytics and transfer manual and partially automated processes to digital solutions. Rapidly build applications for operations, reduce time-consuming tasks, and increasing the quality of data.

The result? Your staff can engage more with your students and make better-informed decisions.

Unlock the Value of Your Student Information Systems

How easily are you able to deliver new solutions and modern services to students, faculty, staff, and recruits? In 2018, Gartner reported that most student information systems in use today are built on outdated technology that is hampering innovation. Replacing these systems does not have to be expensive and disruptive to your organization and students, however.

With the Lowcono platform, you can bring your student information system into the 21st century by integrating apps into any legacy student information system or a custom built back-office solution with the click of a button.

Start Innovating Today

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