Reach Case Resolution Faster

Never miss out on important context with documentation and work notes that follow cases from creation to close. Break down data silos with integrations to any internal or external systems. Enjoy streamlined approvals with automated business rules that put the right task in front of the right person to ensure your cases are resolved as quickly as possible.

Empower Your Team

No one knows the mechanics of your business processes better than your team. Now they have the freedom to create their own custom case management solutions.

Designed specifically for non-IT users, Lowcono workflow builders allow both process owners and developers to optimize their business through an easy-to-use wizard that enables them to build applications in matter of days.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Operational Costs

Design, build, monitor, and continuously improve custom case management applications faster than ever before. Empower your knowledge workers to resolve complex problems that require input from multiple sources. Add structure, context, and automation to improve productivity and reduce costs. Whether your “cases” take the form of incidents, investigations, or service requests, the Lowcono platform can help.

Improve Work Visibility and Cross-team Communication

Manage your workload more efficiently by prioritizing the most critical cases. Delegate to other team members when you need back-up or find that a case is outside your domain of expertise. Get the current status of shared work and easily collaborate between team members or departments.

Simplify Compliance and Reduce Risk

Compliance is complicated. Audits, reporting, new regulations, data restrictions—it’s hard for a business to keep up. With Lowcono, you can trace all business transactions related to a case for easy audits and automate compliance processes to avoid fines.

Continually Improve Business Processes

Use application analytics to get insights on SLAs, performance, and team workloads. Armed with this data, you can pivot resources and improve business processes in order to operate at your fullest potential.

No Matter Your Use Case, We’ve Got You Covered

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