Every aspect of Lowcono is architected for simplicity – from our intuitive end user experience, to our productive low-code design environment, to our fully managed cloud. Lowcono can be learned in days and mastered in weeks, requires far less full-time employee (FTE) support than other vendors, with Lowcono eliminating maintenance and upgrade support entirely.

All of this leads to lower total cost of ownership for applications than for competing approaches. By keeping it simple, you get to market fast with game-changing business applications that generate high user adoption across the enterprise.

Extreme Speed

You need results today. And more results tomorrow.

We pioneered enterprise low-code development so you can deliver transformational business applications in a fraction of the time it used to take. Up to 20x faster — because in Lowcono you don’t code your application. You draw it, like a flow chart. That makes building new applications intuitive to business people, so aligning business and IT has never been easier. Which makes delivering a winning application in Lowcono faster than other approaches.

Unified Data

We believe that where your data resides should be your decision, not ours. Centralized data architectures are not only obsolete; they make meaningful business transformation and sustainable IT agility impossible.

You and your employees need the full picture. Whatever the topic, wherever the data lives, you should have a 360-degree view, in real-time, that’s one click away from action. That’s Lowcono — a single, actionable view of all data relevant to a topic (i.e., Customer, Product, Case, etc.). You don’t have to move any of your data, and you don’t have to choose between real-time information and performance.

Multi-experience for Free

We live in a multi-channel world. A business must connect with its customers (and increasingly, even its employees) on their terms. Anytime, anywhere, and seamlessly across mobile, web, chat, voice, email, and anything else that comes along.

We believe in the power of multi-experience communication. We just don’t believe you should pay a higher price for it.

The needless complexities and costs of building separately across the spectrum of platforms is a hold-over from a fading era. With Lowcono, you build an application once, and it simply runs everywhere — perfectly — with no extra work or cost.

Built for the Future

Business doesn’t stay the same; it’s always changing. New market opportunities and new competitive threats are always just around the corner. You have to be able to move fast. This means your apps need to change fast.

The reality is most IT departments are overwhelmed maintaining hundreds of siloed applications, many of them legacy, across the enterprise. Simply “keeping the lights on” is a burden that drains resources and prevents innovation.

With a common data scheme and UX patterns, and simultaneous upgrades, Lowcono is unique in providing built-in safeguards to bust app silos and eliminate the burden of application maintenance.

In short, Lowcono ensures that low-code development delivers a comprehensive strategy for organizing future app development on a sustainable basis.

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