Use Low-Code to Reimagine Your Core Banking System

It’s time to align your bank’s digital transformation strategy with the entire customer lifecycle by providing a personalized omnichannel experience. The result? Improved customer satisfaction, increased customer retention rates and overall customer profitability. Lowcono enables a genuine end-to-end digital transformation. With our versatile and flexible low-code platform, you can build experiences that focus on the customer and give you a competitive edge.

Customer-Centric Digital Experiences

With Lowcono, you can attract, win, and retain customers, while increasing their lifetime value by building solutions that address the five phases in the customer lifecycle: Discover, Experience, Engage, Support, Retention.

Infuse Efficiency and Productivity Into Your Operations

When visually developing with Lowcono, development times decrease by as much as 10 times, and that enables your bank to develop the digital operations and back-end solutions to keep pace with changing customer needs and regulatory pressures. In addition, your IT teams will become more agile and geared for speed. Faster feedback cycles loop into faster, iterative updates, which means shorter delivery times.

Use Low-Code to Reimagine Your Core Banking System

Walking away from core legacy back-office banking systems just isn’t in the cards for many retail banks. And for those who want to move from a legacy core banking system to a digital one, some key decisions need to be made about their development approach that will greatly impact the business. With Lowcono, for the first time, you have the flexibility to choose between either unlocking the value of your core banking system or re-platforming for a new and modern flexible architecture.

Start Your Digital Transformation Today

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