Deliver Modern Public Services With Low-Code Apps

Government CIOs struggle to keep up with the technical pace of change that their citizens now require, as well as managing their legacy IT infrastructure. There’s a better way to achieve a true digital transformation without costly hiring or outsourcing. Low-code application development with Lowcono can provide a successful end-to-end digital transformation.

Deliver Engaging Citizen Experiences: Citizen Portals and Self-Service

How are you meeting citizen demand for self-service capabilities or new ways to interact with your staff? With Lowcono, your agency or municipality can build a citizen engagement portal in a matter of weeks, across any channel, (e.g., mobile, chatbots, web, or mobile web) without having to create each application from the ground up.

Digital Operations: Reducing Inefficiency and Increasing Agility

How many of your processes and services still involve paper forms and point solutions that are causing headaches for IT and operations? Are your costs rising because of time-consuming data collection, entry, and rekeying? You can use Lowcono to develop applications that streamline operations, enable greater data accuracy, and delight employees—in just weeks.

Digital Core: Maximize and Improve Your Legacy IT Infrastructure

In 2017, Forrester reported that local government agencies are investing nearly 20% of their total IT budget in modernizing and improving core transactional operations. If you’re struggling under the weight of slow, cumbersome, and costly legacy systems, Lowcono offers enterprise-strength app development, integration, and infrastructure that can give your core systems a new lease on life in less time than you think.

Build These Low-Code Apps with Lowcono Today

The range of online applications you can create is limited only by your imagination. Here are a few popular use cases.

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