Building a CRM That Conforms to Your Business

Looking for customer relationship database software that fits your unique business strategy? Don’t settle for overpriced off-the-shelf software that’s bloated with features you don’t need. With Lowcono, you can build your own no-code CRM solution at a fraction of the cost — one that’s tailored to your exact business requirements. And you’ll never have to pay for user or licensing fees again.

Create your own feature-rich CRM solutions

Lowcono’s visual app builder uses simple point-and-click tools, making it easy to create your own feature-rich CRM solutions. Capture new contact information, automate customer workflows, generate interactive sales pipelines, create professional-looking reports, set dynamic notifications, and much more — all without having to write a single line of code. Just point, click and publish. It’s that easy!

Empower Process Experts

No one knows the mechanics of your business processes better than the people that own them. Now they’ll have the freedom and flexibility to create their own case management solutions. Designed specifically for non-IT users, Lowcono workflow builders allow both process owners and developers to optimize their business through an easy-to-use wizard that abstracts development processes and allows them to build applications in minutes, not days or weeks.

Continually Improve Business Processes

Use application analytics to get insights on SLAs, performance, and team workloads. Armed with this data, you can pivot resources and improve business processes in order to operate at your fullest potential.

Build Your Custom CRM Today

Discuss your requirements with a Lowcono specialist.